Make These Self-Care Commitments Following the Death of a Loved One

When someone close to your passes away, especially in the case of a spouse, you'll face the challenging proposition of dealing with your grief while you handle responsibilities for the funeral and deal with people offering their condolences. It's important to also make caring for yourself a priority. While many people will call or drop over to see how you're doing, you shouldn't necessarily rely on outside assistance. Instead, you need to make a commitment to self-care; if you need access to some resources in the community, speak to the funeral director at the funeral home. Read More 

How To Find The Perfect Wedding Dress

Your wedding day is one of the biggest events of your entire life; picking out the perfect dress to wear on this day can be as stressful as the actual wedding. It is important to prepare yourself before you go to your chosen bridal shop, to decrease stress and increase the likelihood that you can "Say Yes to the Dress" on the first visit to the bridal salon. The following tips will help you during your dress shopping visit. Read More 

Time To Create A Family Tradition

Traditions are an important part of family. You might think they are cheesy and unnecessary, but this is the perspective of an outsider looking in. What purpose can traditions really serve for a family? They help to reinforce feelings of solidarity and unity—in other words, they help to create family bonds. While it might seem intimidating to think of a tradition that will bond a family together for years to come, the good news is that traditions can be incredibly simple. Read More 

Tips For Preparing Children For Adopted Siblings

Once you have discovered the joy of parenting, you may long to have more children. The path to being parents for the second or third time is not always so straightforward for all couples, though. If adoption is in your future, go with a licensed adoption agency who can help guide this process. One important step along the way is to prepare your kids when the adoption of a new sibling is imminent. Read More 

3 Ways To Celebrate Your Loved One’s Life After Their Funeral

Having a funeral service for your loved one is an excellent way to help friends and family grieve. At the service, they'll have an opportunity to face the reality of your loved one's death and offer support to one another during such a difficult time. And while the funeral will also give family and friends a chance to memorialize your loved one's life, the atmosphere doesn't usually make people feel like celebrating. Read More